I can't believe I've known Dixie for 9 years, time is a thief! Jen & I meet up at sunrise at my secret location! A perfect morning well spent.

Sam + Ruby

When I say every time Ruby knows she is getting a photoshoot done she will always do something to make sure the photos don't happen! This time we did photos last minute and there was no time for Ruby to try anything LOL

I had the honor of photographing The MMXX Team and what a bunch of HANDSOME boys!

Mackenzie & Casper nailed their session! Can you believe he is 27! Casper was a 4H horse and now is living the retirement life!
These two sisters were a ton of fun to photograph and they knew just how to model for the camera!
Jade with Cavalia, & her pup Azula!
What's better than great models, mountain views & a perfect sunset!

Photographed in Plainfield, VT

Larry Turns 1!

I had the honor to capture this handsome white fluffs birthday and what a great way to spend the day!



This fella will do anything for CHEESE! You can bet there is cheese hanging above or near my camera to get Jasper to look my way. Look at just how focused he is! Photographed in Stonington, CT


Boost is a Frenchie and man is he handsome! He is a very well behaved fella for one years old and he knows a lot of tricks such as "Shoot em up" & "Burn out". Boost is MADE for a cover of a magazine and I think he knows it.
Photographed in the Stonington Borough Stonington, Connecticut

Bill & Amber

Bill and Amber got engaged on Columbus Day of 2020 and are now getting married in New Hampshire in June of 2021. Amber and I have been best friends sense Kindergarten when we meet on the school bus. We also lived right down the road from each other in Sterling, CT where we lived at each others house in...

Ryan & Brittni

Brittni reached out for a model call at a new location I was needing to try out. Let me tell you the location did not disappoint! I can't wait to photograph their wedding day on July 12th at the Mount Crescent House!
Photographed in Stonington, Connecticut

Riley & Bella

Riley and Bella were all ears forward for their session. You would never know Bella is in her 30's and Riley is a stud. These two are living the life at the farm.Photographed in Foster, Rhode Island


Nutmeg also known as "Meg" is a miracle baby that happened almost three years ago when her mother was taken into a rescue and they didn't know she was pregnant. Photographed in Foster, Rhode Island


When Azzurro's owner asked for a color pop for her images I knew he would just look amazing! I'd say blue is his color as he is just stunning! Photographed in Foster, Rhode Island
Have you ever sat in a room with no distractions and really put 100% into thinking about your future? If not, go get a pen & paper and start by writing whatever comes to your mind!
jQuery Tlačítko na začiatok by William from Wpromotions.eu
jQuery Tlačítko na začiatok by William from Wpromotions.eu