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Ruger + Kimber

Ruger & Kimber are New York boys! They had taken a ferry over from long island and made their way to new home in Pomfret, CT. I would say they're living a great life of roaming around and herding ducks! (Why can't life be like a dogs?! lol)
Photographed at Harkness Park in Waterford, Connecticut
When you're getting your horse ready for a photo session grooming plays an important role. From bathing products, clipping, and doing a good brush over before the session will make a big difference.


Oliver is a 11 month old poodle and is full of that puppy energy!It was a whopping 15 degrees during Oliver's session but we had stayed warm by going to the castle for the first half then catching a breathtaking sunset at the beach. Oliver was a trooper till the end where we got some action shoots of Oliver being himself. ...


Appa is an Aussie/Healer mix and he is just the cutest!! Willow also got to be in some of the photos as you can tell she loved it too! Photographed in Waterford, Connecticut at Harkness State Park
Kaelyn and Mike had a small elopement wedding and had it on their favorite day which is Halloween! Congratulations Kaelyn & Mike!
Photographed at Harkness Park in Waterford, Connecticut
Rayley and Hammie I have photographed these two in the Spring and so happy we go to get some last minute photos with the fall foliage. Even though we all woke up early for a sunrise shoot the sun stayed behind the clouds but we made the best of it. Photographed at Bluff Point in Groton, CT

Kayla + Rocco

Kayla and her gelding "Rocco" & her German Shepheard "Lexi".
Photographed at Rosciti Quarter Horses located in North Scituate, Rhode Island
Shaune & Austin had a wonderful wedding in their own backyard and you could not have asked for a beautiful evening!


This is my second time photographing Ruby and the first time we did not have to reschedule photos due to the vet needing to come out. Ruby is known for not wanting photos done and we usually will not tell her till the morning so she has no time to herself
Photographed in East Lyme, Connecticut
Adam & Ashley had their wedding at Ashley's parents farm which she had always wanted sense she was a child. The day was just breathtaking and the fall foliage was just in its peak! Congratulations Adam & Ashley!
Photographed in Foster, Rhode Island

Emily + Jared

Loved everything about this session! Emily and Jared was such a wonderful couple to work with and we got so lucky we had the best weather. I'm so excited to share Emily and Jared's wedding! Stay tuned.
Photographed in Palmer, MA

Dawn + Oliver

Dawn and her 2 year old boy TUF Oliver Zip aka Oliver! Dawn has been doing a great job with Oliver and I can't wait to see them in the show ring next year! Also looking forward to seeing her new boy next year!
Photographed in East Hardwick, VT
Heather is the owner of Smashin Blues Performance Horses located in West Burke, VT and is just getting her new barn built!
Photographed at Smashin Blues Performance Horses in West Burke, VT

Mya + Prince

Mya with her 3 year old "Prince"
Photographed at Smashin Blues Performance Horses in West Burke, VT
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